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When did neuromarketing start and how will its future be? A look into the past and the future of the neuromarketing to understand it better.

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When did neuromarketing start and how will its future be? Learning Neuromarketing’s historical process and evolution is a good point to start understanding it. Therefore, today’s article is about neuromarketing’s past and the future.

History of neuromarketing

If we think outside the box, neuromarketing’s basis is founded with the invention of medical screening in 1900’s. But however, it is first started to be used by Gerald Zaltman and his team after brands such as Coca-Cola and Ford agreed on working with him to understand consumer’s buying process.

After neuroscience got involved to marketing, an international conference is organized in Houston in 2004 to discuss neuromarketing. This conference has an important place in the history of neuromarketing because investors and entrepreneurs start getting interested in it from now on. Later, people from the USA and Europe start making investments and researches on neuromarketing..

In 2012, Neuromarketing Business and Science Association(NMBSA) is founded. NMBSA’s mission is to improve neuromarketing technics and to introduce them to the whole world. Well, it succeeded; it sets the ball rolling and helps people to write articles thanks to researches they have made. In 2017, NMBSA has more than 1.600 members in 93 countries.

A little note, Dr. Yener Girişken is the CEO of the NMBSA in Turkey. He gives special attention to each research of Designneuro and provides help.

ThinkNeuro CEO Yener Girişken

Of one the many reasons why neuromarketing grew so fast is that because marketing industry is big and works as result-oriented. Brands can improve their sales thanks to neuromarketing technics. That improvement increases the need to neuromarketing and people start making more investments in that field.

It seems we will hear about neuromarketing more in the future considering its past…

We talked about history. Let’s try to predict its future.

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Neuromarketing’s future

Neuromarketing increases its popularity each day. The brands such as Google and Microsoft build their own research units. Also, consulting firms allow brands to make neuromarketing researches and since the competition is at the highest level brands don’t hesitate to use neuromarketing technics to differentiate themselves from other brands. Therefore the future seems bright for neuromarketing.

The biggest obstacle in front of the neuromarketing researches to spread to the whole world is the cost of the devices that are used. However, technology is progressing and getting cheaper each day. So, we might say that these researches will be made with more reasonable prices in the near future.

If the number of the researches increases, we would have more data to observe and discuss it. It is an another beneficial result for brands.

Considering all these facts, it is possible to say that neuromarketing will keep getting bigger in the future…