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Why is Neuromarketing


Companies spend more than 400 billion of dollar for marketing purposes. When the amount of the money is so high, it becomes important to spend it right and get results.

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Neuromarketing affects our lives but why is neuromarketing developed? Today, companies spend more than 400 billion of dollar for marketing purposes. When the amount of the money is so high, it becomes important to spend it right and get results. That situation puts so much pressure on both clients and advertisers.

At that point, neuromarketing makes it possible to spend less money and create more efficient ads.

Reaching the consumer

The day is the age of technology and science. Advertising sector should keep up with that.

he advertising campaigns created with conventional methods such as using more tv ads, sponsorships, billboards or banners doesn’t mean more brand awareness and rather than putting economic pressure on brands it doesn’t give desired results.

consumer communication

To give an example,

During last 20 years, the number of the medium has increased thanks to growing technology and that growth created new ways to reach the consumer. Along with that, consumers faced excessive message flood but however, they can’t perceive most of the messages since the number of the messages is so high to perceive.

So it means even though you reach the consumer with right media planning, most likely, your message isn’t perceived by the consumer.

That is why understanding how the consumer mind works and learning their focusing areas becomes a need rather than a luxury. Neuromarketing involves at that point and offers information about consumer’s reactions to visuals.

Understanding the consumer

understanding consumer, magnifier and consumer text

Understanding the consumer is one of the most important parts of creating a successful campaign. So, how trustworthy are insights provided by conventional researches made for comprehending the consumer?

For example, consumers might not answer correctly the questions asked for surveys to understand their buying decision process since they are not rational as thought or just because they don’t know the answers. So insights you think trustworthy may not be.

Brands want to obtain more clear and consistent results but the problem is based upon not being able to see unconscious effects underlying in consumers’ mind even the consumers are not aware of.

At this juncture, neuromarketing observing consumers’ unconscious motivations steps in. So, one of the reasons why neuromarketing is developed is the need to provide right insight.

When we see the situation considering all these facts, we understand the reasons why neuromarketing is developed. The sector is getting big, investments are increasing but consumers’ focus on advertisings are decreasing. So brands want to make point-shots and neuromarketing allow brands to make to shot.

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